Satanic verses?

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Three verses in the Koran completely contradict its theology. Mohammed’s explanation was that the devil made him do it.

Three verses just in Genesis seemed to contradict Biblical theology, so the oldest translators intentionally mistranslated these verses, as though they were mistakes by the scribes who had hand-copied and re-re-re-copied these words for over a thousand years.

But they weren’t mistakes. The translators just didn’t understand that the doctrine of the Trinity has many hidden proofs in the Old Testament. This fact was first brought to light by author Yoel Natan-the most important book on the Trinity in the last 1500 years. It’s subtitled “When Rabbis Worshipped the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.”

For 2,300 years Bible translators have been intentionally mis-translating. (There’s even a joke about how archeologists in Rome found a decree from an ancient Pope and realized that priests were supposed to “celebrate Mass”, not be a “celibate mass” but they left the “R” out of the first copy….)

In Genesis 20:13, 31:7 and 35:7, for example, all translations in all languages translate the word Elohim as God. This is quite proper where there is a singular verb. But all three verses have PLURAL verbs, which means that they MUST be translated with a plural like “Gods,” referring to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

This creates a problem, because the Athanasian Creed correctly states that we do not have three Gods but rather one God in three Persons. Fortunately, Elohim is actually an adjective usually used as a noun (“God”), but we could leave it as an adjective in this case and translate Elohim as “the Mighty Ones.”

The Ukrainian Bible will be the first in any language to have these new accuracies, and the only one until “The Jewish Trinity” sells a lot more copies. (The Jewish Trinity would be a terrific gift for your pastor, as are the author’s other ground-breaking books, which you can read about by visiting

The Jews who started translating the Bible into Greek in 285 B.C. either did not understand this or they intentionally mistranslated it to make it agree with their Unitarian understanding of God. Or possibly the knowledge of the truth was lost during the captivity in Babylon. The unitarianism of Judaism could have been a reaction to the triad gods of Anu, Bel, and Ea. The Jews preached the Trinity, the Babylonians responded with their threefold god. The emphasis on unity was maintained while the trinity was forgotten. Possibly they intentionally mistranslated it so that no Jew could ever again think that there were more gods than the One. We know that the Jews will occasionally revise Scripture if they don’t agree with it; their translation of Psalm 22:8 is both wrong and nonsensical, for instance. But God is not a Unitarian, and there are no Satanic verses in our Bible. Especially in our time, with so many Jews coming to Jesus and so many anti-trinitarian cults like Jehovah’s Witnesses, we need the knowledge found in The Jewish Trinity. It might even be helpful for evangelizing Muslims!

Which is important. I’ve also been reading the Koran and in my opinion there are a lot more than three Satanic verses in it.



  1. Peter McCarry says:

    I was in Ukraine this summer and had a discussion with them on the name of God, YHWH, and how it is mistranslated as LORD in many Bibles. I told them that there are many names for God in the Bible that are traditionallly mistranslated. It sounds like you are addressing this issue. We as believers miss out on the character of God when we limit him to Lord or God, and we arm a cult with our errors.

  2. Peter McCarry says:

    Elolhim is indeed a plural form of elowahh, but it may also be translated as “exceeeding God”, according to James Strong in Strong’s Concordance.

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